Development of the Pharmaceutical Market in Germany

According to the 2009 Achema trend report, the pharmaceutical industry is still one of the strongest growth markets despite the economic turbulence. Global sales within the pharmaceutical market are on the increase. In Europe alone, sales were up by nearly 16% in 2008. A study carried out by PricewaterhouseCooper even anticipates a doubling of sales by 2020. The triggers for this are demographic change as well as the economic upturn in the so-called E7 countries. However, the expenditure in the pharmaceutical industry will continue to rise in the coming years. In research and development alone, expenditure has increased by 52% since 2000. The complexity of diseases to be treated is also constantly increasing.

As far as pharmaceutical products are concerned, the future here lies in the biopharmaceutical sector that already has a market share of 15% of the entire German pharmaceuticals market. Machinery for the pharmaceutical industry is also becoming increasingly specialised due to the complex pharmaceutical products. Pre-filled syringes and freeze-dried products are very much in demand here. This also increases the expenditure for the validation and documentation of manufacturing processes. PAT (process analytical technology) is therefore becoming increasingly interesting for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, the demand for highly active ingredients is increasing; this not only has an impact on patients but also on the designers of clean rooms. Last but not least, the requirements for the packaging of pharmaceutical products are moving towards convenient and safe handling.

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