Pharmaserv Standortbetreiber Industriepark Behringwerke Technik Standortmanagement Pharmalogistik

Comprehensive service by the Site Operator

Buildings and energy supply, technical services and pharmaceutical logistics - at the Behringwerke site, companies get everything from a single source. Pharmaserv, as owner and operator, offers the resident companies comprehensive service. 

The Site Management is responsible for renting, building and rebuilding as well as for the maintenance of more than 100 properties - from production areas to office buildings and laboratories to storage space. All supply and disposal networks are made available to the companies on the site, for example for electricity, steam and heat, for drinking water, waste water and compressed air. In addition, a modern IT infrastructure with its own computer center is available. In addition, the site management assumes responsibility for safety and health, waste disposal, catering, environmental protection and mobility. 

The Pharmaserv Technics division has specialists for engineering, plant construction and technical services in the pharmaceutical field - from project management and plant qualification to planned maintenance and urgent repairs.

Pharmaserv Logistics handles a large part of the contract logistics for companies in the pharmaceutical industry and takes care of the entire service from raw material storage to the distribution of finished pharmaceuticals all over the world.




  • Relocation consulting
  • Construction planning and project management 
  • Land management 
  • Energy management 
  • Building services
  • Supply and disposal 
  • HSE (health, safety, environmental protection) 
  • Pharmaceutical logistics
  • Central warehouse
  • GMP warehouse
  • Telecommunications and data solutions 
  • Maintenance and servicing 
  • Test management 
  • Plant and pipeline engineering as well as tank construction 
  • Qualification / validation 
  • Calibration 
  • Clean room measurement technology
  • Calibration laboratory

Lease Management

Professional lease management is part of comprehensive property management. This includes all the services from the conclusion and adaptation of the lease through to the implementation and termination of the agreement. Benefit from our many years of experience in the leasing business and get yourself absolute transparency in your tenancy arrangements.

Take advantage of the synergy effects provided by a closed-loop industrial site. You will find space for your business ideas on Behringwerke Industrial Park. Leasable space for individual types of use, such as laboratories, production or offices, is ready for use.

Pharmaserv provides the required media, energy and services for the leasable space. In addition to the complete technical and infrastructural building management, you will receive the comprehensive services of integrated facility management from Pharmaserv.

Energy Supply from a Single Source

Pharmaserv provides a comprehensive supply of energy in the different forms needed for the production or operation of plants and buildings. The energy services are provided on Behringwerke Industrial Park due to the dependency on the network and network coverage.

New products could be developed, combined and formulated for customers in addition to the range of different forms of energy. These were specifically derived from customer needs and are unique in their design with different service levels and add-on products.

Disposal on Behringewerke Industrial Park

All sewage and a large proportion of the waste generated on Behringwerke Industrial Park in Marburg is disposed of professionally by Pharmaserv. This includes various means of disposal through to a complete disposal service in plants on and off-site.

A fully developed waste disposal management system and the know-how of our employees are the basis for professional and environmentally friendly waste disposal. In addition, customers receive professional advice in all questions relating to sewage disposal, water pollution control and waste disposal.

Technical Services

As a partner for complex project management, we offer our customers tailor-made concepts and support them in every single project phase from detailed planning through to the full implementation, regardless of the manufacturer. This applies to the implementation of new building and conversion projects and modernisation measures as well as maintenance and servicing work on pharmaceutical and industrial plants throughout their entire service life cycle.

We always offer you comprehensive and high-quality technical services through the continuous development and improvement of our range of services.

Pharmaceutical Logistics

We control the flow of virtually all incoming goods on site and guarantee their appropriate and timely delivery. We also provide our services in the form of contract logistics models. For example, we handle the processing of GMP raw materials through to JIT (Just-in-Time) deliveries to production for our customer CLS Behring.

Our cGMP warehouse for picking and packing finished pharmaceutical products ensures smooth interfaces to the in-house transport logistics and external transport companies for optimised process flows. We ensure quality and safety in your logistics processes with our systematic qualification of the transport network as well as our authorisation as a regulated agent.

We can demonstrate competent organisational areas in IT as well as qualification and calibration. We create the conditions to fulfil all the requirements for GMP warehousing and GMP-compliant transport management from a single source with the pooling of these individual competencies. We meet the high quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry by establishing a consistent QM system. Support in the procurement of production-related goods via a modern E-shop platform rounds off our profile. Our customers' other secondary processes are core processes for us: on the one hand, this includes the site postal services with the sorting and processing of all incoming post including internal post as well as the processing of all outgoing post on site. On the other hand, we provide our customers with modern work clothing through our clothing service and therefore enable them to offer a high level of service on site without time-consuming disruptions to their workflow.

Information and Communications Technology

We plan, operate and manage the IT infrastructure, such as data networks, servers and the Internet connection as well as company applications from MS Office through to Navision.

We plan, build and operate cutting-edge telecommunications systems in the area of telecommunications. Our IT support team provide support when there are questions about these systems.

A central telephone exchange is available for information, the transfer of calls and conference calls.

Occupational Medicine

The main role of the Occupational Medicine is to offer all employees protection and preventative medical care - on site on Behringwerke Industrial Park. The prevention of work-related illnesses is an important goal of the site medical department. Its key tasks include basic occupational healthcare in accordance with §3 of the German Occupational Safety Act (ASiG). The companies on site use our services in order to fulfil their responsibilities.

Preventative occupational medical examinations:
Preventative occupational medical examinations for personal and product protection are carried out in addition to medical fitness examinations.

Emergency medical care - ambulance/rescue services:
The site medical department is available for the diagnosis and therapy of acute illnesses. In the event of major emergencies, the site medical department moves out and takes cares of the injured and sick people until they can be handed over to an external rescue team.

Special services:
Pre-employment medical examinations, drug screening tests, travel medical consultations, measures to promote health and prevent illness.

Emergency management:
The site medical department is informed about any releases of substances or fire alarms via a wireless status alarm so that an emergency response team can immediately be on site in the event of a personal injury.