Services provided by the Site Operator

Pharmaserv offers a comprehensive service in the engineering and maintenance of production plants in a GMP environment, through to the calibration and certification of plants. Integrated facility management, information technology, complete energy management and waste disposal as well as central services in the areas of environmental protection, safety and occupational medicine are additional core activities of Pharmaserv. Pharmaserv achieved a special development with the creation of its own logistics centre in a GMP-relevant environment.


  • Relocation consulting
  • Construction planning and project management 
  • Land management 
  • Energy management 
  • Building services
  • Supply and disposal 
  • HSE (health, safety, environmental protection) 
  • Pharmaceutical logistics
  • Central warehouse
  • GMP warehouse
  • Telecommunications and data solutions 
  • Maintenance and servicing 
  • Test management 
  • Plant and pipeline engineering as well as tank construction 
  • Qualification / validation 
  • Calibration 
  • Clean room measurement technology
  • DKD calibration laboratory