Site Medical Services

The main role of the site medical department is to offer all employees protection and preventative medical care - on site on Behringwerke Industrial Park. The prevention of work-related illnesses is an important goal of the site medical department. Its key tasks include basic occupational healthcare in accordance with §3 of the German Occupational Safety Act (ASiG). The companies on site use our services in order to fulfil their responsibilities.

Preventative occupational medical examinations:
Preventative occupational medical examinations for personal and product protection are carried out in addition to medical fitness examinations.

Emergency medical care - ambulance/rescue services:
The site medical department is available for the diagnosis and therapy of acute illnesses. In the event of major emergencies, the site medical department moves out and takes cares of the injured and sick people until they can be handed over to an external rescue team.

Special services:
Pre-employment medical examinations, drug screening tests, travel medical consultations, measures to promote health and prevent illness

Emergency management:
The site medical department is informed about any releases of substances or fire alarms via a wireless status alarm so that an emergency response team can immediately be on site in the event of a personal injury.