HW GH Behringwerke

Behringwerke Industrial Park

The choice of the right location for the future of your company is more crucial now than ever before. Behringwerke Industrial offers you the ideal conditions for your business. Companies established on the market, start-ups and various service companies already put their trust in it.

Behringwerke Industrial Park in Marburg consists of two zones within the site – Marbach und Görzhausen. Both industrial areas prove to be attractive locations for new companies due to their differing structure. The development on the site is dynamic and includes flexible operating concepts. As site operator, Pharmaserv aspires to maintain and enhance the attractiveness of the industrial park in the long term. Pharmaserv operates around 200 building installations with individual uses, such as production, laboratories, offices and warehouses, on the 67.4 hectare site.

Infrastructural Facilities

  • Energy supply
  • Media supply
  • Waste disposal
  • Data and network technology
  • Data Center
  • Telecommunications solutions
  • Building automation technology
  • Logistics
  • Site medical officer
  • Health insurance
  • Training and further education
  • Site catering / catering
  • Banking

    Basic Infrastructure

    • Emergency management / Emergency response provisions
    • Site security / Site safety
    • Site fire services / Fire prevention
    • Site medical department
    • Maintenance of green areas
    • Road maintenance and winter services
    • Site bus service
    • Sewage disposal

    Supply Networks on the Industrial Park

    • Electricity including emergency power for individual customers
    • Process steam
    • Drinking water
    • Compressed air
    • Gaseous nitrogen
    • Cold water
    • Data and telecommunications
    • Waste water, including a central neutralisation plant
    • A wide variety of media as required
    • Designed for a highly reliable supply and availability for our customers

    Central Location

    Behringwerke Marburg Industrial Park provides you with an excellent base on which to establish your business structures within a very short period of time.
    You can find the ideal conditions for your business on Behringwerke Industrial Park in the heart of Europe.


    Emil von Behrings was called to Marburg as Director of the Hygiene Institute and an academic teacher.

    The world's first Nobel prize for Medicine went to Emil von Behring for his pioneering work in serum therapy against diphtheria.

    Foundation of the "Behringwerk" in Marburg by Emil von Behring. He used the prize money that he had received for the Nobel Prize as start-up capital. The entrepreneur and physician thus created the basis for a global pharmaceutical organisation.


    The site has continuously developed and evolved since the beginning.
    It remains true to its roots and quality standards to this day.
    In addition to the three global companies CSL Behring, Novartis Vaccines and Siemens Research, a total of 16 companies research, produce and sell their products from Marburg all over the world.


    In contrast to the chemical parks found throughout Germany, this industrial park has developed into a modern biotechnology centre. As operator of the industrial park, Pharmaserv cooperates closely with the companies on site to continue to optimise the infrastructure. The industrial park is specifically geared to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nanotechnology companies.